Do what I say, not as I do...?

Protect local employment is one of the objectives of all candidates in the territorial elections. All present measures to ensure local recruitment. All also intend to revive the economy on the French side. Except that some of them do not seem to do it (much). According to our sources, all would not follow the rules they dictate. Especially in terms of perception and communication.

“I saw a company of the Dutch side in the headquarters of a candidate installing a microperforated film!”, says a professional who took the trouble to ask his colleagues if they had been contacted by said candidate. And, apparently, no.

The microperforated would be an example. Whole boxes of printed t-shirts were also seen in the cargo area at Juliana airport. Many flyers are currently being distributed, which were manufactured outside of Saint-Martin.

However, all the professions of faith coming in our mailboxes were printed partly on the French side, as well as the posters intended for the official electoral display. These documents must be printed according to standards and specific rules.

But when it comes to other communication items (flags, t-shirts, etc.), most have been ordered abroad. “We were not contacted to make quotes for items we see”, observe the professionals of the French side, who are less than ten, all areas of specialization combined. Something they deplore and regret. By 2012, they had been more solicited.







Estelle Gasnet