The Collectivité will entertain the waterfront in Marigot

wo events are planned until December 31st for a total cost of 439,200 euros.

The project has been validated by the Committee of the Economic and Tourism Affairs in November and then by the Executive Council in early 2017. It consists of entertaining the waterfront of Marigot and is divided into two events.

Cultural and traditional events

The first event will be to organize cultural and traditional events every Wednesday and Saturday all day, and into the night one Friday per month from 6 pm to 10 pm. The events will take place in the area that welcomes the tourist market.

Marigot Food boulevard by night

The second event will be the organization of the “Marigot Food boulevard by night”, which as the name suggests, will be to allow street vendors at night on the waterfront every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm to 10 pm.

“The authorized activities concern all the fast food businesses except those likely to disturb public order”, specifies the regulation of the event.

The road running along the market on the sea side between the tourism market and the Mini-Club restaurant will be closed to traffic from 2 pm to 10 pm on the days of the events, and will be affected to businesses that are not sedentary.

Date of the event

According to the original schedule, these events must be held until December 31st and were due to begin on the 17th of February.

Cost of the events

Both of these events represent a total cost of 439,200 euros, of which 15% will be financed by the Collectivité (65,880 euros). It must seek the co-financing of FEDER European funds in the amount of 373,320 euros.

Estelle Gasnet