Carnival Spirit takes over the Office of Tourism

On Friday February 24th, the population and visitors are invited to the traditional open house to celebrate the carnival festivities of Saint-Martin.

Between 11:00 am and 3:00pm this Friday, don’t hesitate to make a stop at the Office of Tourism to come celebrate Carnival just a few days before the famous Mardi Gras. The events will be kick-off musically with DJ Blunt who will assure the ambiance for a large part of the day and will be succeeded by the undeniable rhythm of the dance group Rhythm &Grove, juggling and other musical performances. The public will be treated to temporary tattoos in order to get into the carnival spirit. The Office of Tourism likes to highlight all that showcases the charm of Saint-Martin and as is the custom for each festivity, the public will be able to sample the local culinary delights while enjoying the show. The open house is of course open to everyone!