Bianca: six months suspended prison for the paediatrician and surgeon acquitted

The tribunal issued on Thursday its deliberations on the Bianca case.

Two doctors, a paediatrician and a surgeon, were accused of having indirectly caused the death of a young girl admitted to the hospital.

The tribunal found the paediatrician guilty and issued a six months suspended prison sentence against him. He admitted that the doctor was able to make the right diagnosis. According to the prosecutors, he was also aware of the constraints to organize a medical evacuation (Evasan) to Guadeloupe and he did not take them into account. Also, he could not "ignore some of the risks" the girl was incurring by failing to take a decision.

However, the Court acquitted the surgeon. Whether or not an Evasan was relevant was beyond his qualifications.

When it comes to damages claims, the criminal court dismissed them, as it does not have jurisdiction on this matter It is a matter for the administrative court.



Estelle Gasnet