Appearance of the author of an armed robbery that took place at a small supermarket of French Quarter

The incident occurred on January 13.

"On January 13, at the China City store, French Quarter, three individuals hiding their face assaulted the owner using a handgun, to steal cash. The assault lasted about 10 seconds and the amount of the loss is about $ and E 200 mixed," says the Prosecutor's office in Saint-Martin.

The fast and thorough investigations consisting in the search of traces was conducted by the Division of research of St. Martin on the t-shirt, hat and handgun abandoned by the individual as he escaped, which facilitated his identification. "It is the young Shevon F, aged 20, who was accused in 2014 in a case of violence that was dismissed after issuing a reminder of the law ', says the Prosecutor's office. Said office was informed at the same time by its Dutch counterparts of an alternative procedure for possession of narcotics, as well as the dismissal of an armed robbery (that took place in 2014) for lack of sufficient evidence against him.

A native of Sint Maarten, with no regular employment, the young man was arrested on Monday morning and recognized his involvement in the robbery, being the one who carried the gun and hit the cashier. However, he did not give the names of 2 other co-authors, who could not be identified. He claims having met them on the spot. According to him, the two acolytes would have had the idea to rob the store at the same time as him, but he would beat them.

He told the gendarmerie that he found the gun, a Czechoslovakian 7.65 mm with its magazine but without ammunition, by a school in French Quarter, one month earlier.

On Wednesday, they will appear before the Saint-Martin criminal court for a summary trial.


Estelle Gasnet