Union for Democracy: publication of his accounts

Referenced as a political party at the national level, the Union for Democracy (UD) chaired by Daniel Gibbs is the subject of controls; his accounts are thus analyzed and published by the National Commission on Elections Financing and Political Financing each year.

In 2015, his profit and loss account amounted to 11,386 euros. His two main expenses are “propaganda and communication” and “congresses, events, universities” for respective amounts of 4,911 euros and 4.482 euros. The Union for Democracy also shows 2,676 euros of “purchases consumed” and 3,799 euros for “other external expenses”. No salary and rent expenses appear in the table published by the National Commission. The total expenses amount to 11,386 euros.

In terms of funding, the Union for Democracy benefits from public aid amounting to 3,747 euros. In 2015, the Union for Democracy also collected 3,056 euros during events. The total of the products amount to 6,848 euros.

It should be noted that 6,107 euros appear on the “other reserves” line at the level of own funds.

In 2014, the total expenses were 5.8% higher with expenses of the same nature (communication, congresses, events being important). In 2014, the Union for Democracy reported 15,409 euros of products of which 9,889 euros in donations from individuals. Public aid was paid in the amount of 3,748 euros.


Estelle Gasnet