How much do election campaigns cost in Saint-Martin?

The organization of the territorial elections is subject to the same rules as in metropolitan France and is subject of controls. Among the analyzed elements are the accounts of the candidates.

Territorial elections of March 2012

♦ Expenses

The National Commission on Election Financing and Political Financing analyzed the accounts of Louis-Constant Fleming, Daniel Gibbs, Louis Jeffry, Louis Mussington, Marthe Ogoundélé-Tessi and Alain Richardson.

According to the reported expenses by the six candidates, the cost of the March 2012 campaign was 118,877 euros. The spending cap was set at 25,196 euros.

Only one account has been approved, the one of Louis Jeffry. The account of Alain Richardson has been rejected and the other four were validated after reformation. If we consider the expenses of Alain Richardson, the campaign cost amounts to 114,788 euros.

The candidate who incurred the most expenses is Marthe Ogoundélé-Tessi with a total of 23,886 euros. Then Daniel Gibbs (23,529 euros) and Louis-Constant Fleming (22,725 euros). Conversely, candidates who have spent the least are Louis Mussington (9,579 euros) and Louis Jeffry (16,145 euros).

♦ Earnings

In terms of earnings, they amount to 134,354 euros after reformation of the Commission (139,354 euros according to the amount reported by the candidates).

All candidates except Daniel Gibbs contributed personal funds: they accounted for nearly 55% of earnings from Louis Jeffry and Marthe Ogoundélé-Tessi, more than 85% of those of Louis-Constant Fleming or Louis Mussington. Daniel Gibbs’ campaign was 100% funded by donations, or 24,100 euros.

Louis-Constant Fleming is the candidate whose earnings were the most important (26,400 euros) before Marthe Ogoundélé-Tessi (24,950 euros) and Daniel Gibbs (24,100 euros).

The largest donations were for the benefit of Daniel Gibbs (24,100 euros), Alain Richardson (13,200 euros) and Marthe Ogoundélé-Tessi (11,450 euros).

Louis Jeffry and Marthe Ogoundélé-Tessi and Daniel Gibbs spent almost all of the collected earnings. Louis-Constant Fleming spent 88%, Alain Richardson 75% and Louis Mussington 61%.

Territorial elections of July 2007

The National Commission on Elections Financing and political financing analyzed the accounts of Wendel Cocks, Louis-Constant Fleming, Jean-Luc Hamlet, Dominique Riboud and Alain Richardson.

The accounts of Louis-Constant Fleming and Jean-Luc Hamlet have been rejected and the Commission noticed a lack of deposit for those of Wendel Cocks. The accounts of Dominique Riboud and Alain Richardson were validated after reformation.

Expenses reported by the candidates amount to 54,909 euros.

Candidates who have spent the most are Alain Richardson (20,879 euros) and Louis-Constant Fleming (18,710 euros). According to the evidence provided to the Commission, Louis-Constant Fleming had funded his campaign with 100% of personal contribution and Alain Richardson with 65%. Jean-Luc Hamlet had financed his own with 57% of donation.



Estelle Gasnet