Operation targeting two-wheelers infringing the highway code

On Thursday, February 9, an operation targeting two-wheelers took place from 4 pm to 6 pm on the streets of Concordia in Marigot, according to a press release of the gendarmerie.

It has mobilized nearly 20 gendarmes and a team from the territorial police.

At the end of this operation, the following were identified:

- 1 proceeding initiated for recurrence of not having a driving license and lack of insurance.

- 1 proceeding initiated for contempt of a public police officer.

- 3 fines for lack of technical control.

- 1 fine for not wearing a helmet.

- 1 fine for non-transfer of car registration document.

In addition, six motorcycles were seized for lack of insurance or non-approval to drive on the road.

"As announced by the seconded prosecutor's office in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, who chairs the Local Group for Handling Delinquency of “two-wheelers”, more operations to fight noise disturbance and excessive risk behavior will be carried out by the police on the island of Saint Martin. The gendarmerie will continue to implement this type of operation and on a regular basis on all sectors of the island as well as in Saint Barthélemy," says the press release.