He starts the car he just bought with a screwdriver

The Correctional Court of St. Martin summoned a man accused of concealing a stolen car. But he did not attend the hearing. He is accused of having bought a car, which he knew, was stolen.

One day in a car park on the French side, a woman recognized her car. The later had been stolen several months earlier. She contacted the gendarmerie and soon it turned out that the vehicle in question was hers.

The driver said to the investigators that he bought it for an amount of 3 000,00 $. However, he was not able to show any document. 'The person to whom I bought it has not yet given me the papers', he says. For the authorities, it is no doubt that the car has been stolen and sold illegally and that the "new owner" is aware of the situation. He also states that the seller has not given him the key of the car. "I know it's hard to believe...", he admits in front of the gendarmes. Than he explained that he starts the vehicle with a screwdriver.

According to the requisition of the Deputy Prosecutor, the Court ordered a one-month suspended prison sentence and a 400 euros fine.



Estelle Gasnet