Road safety: strengthening controls and penalties

At a press conference on the record of delinquency, the authorities announced the strengthening of means to fight at-risk behavior.

The number of traffic accidents has not increased in 2016; the authorities having recorded forty-three in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy compared to forty-two the previous year.

However, the number remains a concern for the State services, which intend to strengthen the means to fight at-risk behavior.

Particularly in Saint Barthélemy, where driving under the influence of alcohol and the influence of narcotic substances are numerous. “We have very high rates,” notes the Commander Sébastien Manzoni. An “abnormal situation.” In 2016, twenty-three accidents of which four fatalities that occurred in Saint Martin, and twenty of which three fatalities in Saint Barthélemy. “There is no fatality in committing an accident”,  said the Prosecutor of Basse-Terre, Samuel Finielz. “They are due to the non-compliance with the regulations of road safety,” he added before announcing that “we will enter into a more repressive phase”.

The controls will be better targeted and sanctions will be more firm and severe. For example, vehicles may be confiscated", he details. These operations will be carried out as soon as tomorrow on Thursday on the two islands. According to the Prefect Anne Laubiès, it is imperative that “behaviors change.” “This is not easy and will take time”, she admits.

Control of two-wheelers

On the two islands, two-wheelers will also be subject to controls. In particular, it will be for the gendarmes to measure the maximum speed of two-wheelers, this being done with a specific device. “The territorial police of Saint Barthélemy already has a opisometer. Here, in Saint Martin, we will use the one from Guadeloupe, says Commander Manzoni.

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Estelle Gasnet