Amuseum Naturalis Announces Start of Group Visits with Free Ebook

And the release of a free new ebook entitled Caribbean Curiosities.

Amuseum Naturalis has released a free new ebook, Caribbean Curiosities, to announce the opening of the museum for group visits by appointment. Caribbean Curiosities takes a closer look at some of the fascinating animals and plants featured at the free museum, which showcases the natural history of St. Martin and the Caribbean.

“The new ebook is another way of sharing all the cool stuff we’re doing at the museum,” explained Amuseum Naturalis co-curator and ebook author Mark Yokoyama. “And so are our group visits, which we are excited to kick off for the season!”

“We’re thrilled to invite schools and groups of all kinds to take advantage of this unique opportunity to discover and learn more about the incredible natural heritage of this island,” said Jenn Yerkes, President of Les Fruits de Mer, the association which created the museum.

Amuseum Naturalis group visits are open to school classes as well as any kind of groups including youth, senior citizens, and other organizations. The suggested time for a group visit is one hour. The museum will be opened specifically for the scheduled group, and the visits will include time to explore the museum, watch short films about the wildlife of St. Martin, and do a short activity like planting Gaiac seedlings to take home. There is a recommended donation of 100€ or $100 per group visit to cover the cost of visit materials and support the museum, but other solutions can be found if the group is not able to cover the visit donation.

Amuseum Naturalis group visits are available by appointment during the day in March and April 2017. Schools, youth organizations, and other groups are encouraged to reserve their dates now. There are two ways to schedule group visits: via email at info@lesfruitsdemer.com or on the web at amuseumnaturalis.com.

People and local businesses who wish to help fund group visits and support the museum can do so by becoming a Friend of the Amuseum at http://amuseumnaturalis.com/friends/. The Amuseum is open to the public Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-8pm, and admission is free. Amuseum Naturalis is located at 96 Boulevard de Grand Case in Grand Case.

Caribbean Curiosities is available as a free download in the Resources section of lesfruitsdemer.com: http://www.lesfruitsdemer.com/resources/books/.