Innovation : 3 companies rewarded

On Friday, Initiative Saint-Martin Active held an awards ceremony for the second edition of the innovation awards.

A new manufacturing process for ecological mosquito-repelling terminals in the West Indies, the establishment of an annual youth audiovisual festival for the 16-25 year age group and finding an artistic and useful life for objects or materials considered as dead, here are the four projects that caught the attention of the innovation awards jury composed by Initiative Saint-Martin Active.

The local platform organized the innovation awards this year for the second time with the aim of highlighting emerging ideas which are capable of increasing a company’s competitiveness. "We did not look at innovation only from a technological point of view. Innovation could also be applied to different fields: social, marketing, etc." explained Marc Chakhtoura, director of Initiative Saint-Martin Active whose team received five projects. "The main thing was to create a new offer or one that responded to poorly satisfied needs with a fairly strong and sustainable competitive advantage in the local and regional market", he added.

"Either a company stays in the framework in which it operates, or it breaks away to create new services, products, etc., in other words, to innovate. Of course, it takes enterprise and creativity, but it’s necessary if you want to get out of this framework and see it differently". Eva Juraver, BDAF Marketing Director

The call for tenders was launched in September 2015. Eleven dossiers were filed and analyzed by the platform. Five were selected to compete. The five entrepreneurs presented their project before the jury which, after deliberation, rewarded four of them.

Three 2000 € prizes were first given to Alexandre Chapelin (La Table), Evry Gibelin (BAM Caraïbes) and Sarah Khalfaoui (Island Media Plus Foundation).

The awards ceremony was held on Friday evening at the "Wine bar, etc." on the Marina Royale in the presence of the main partners of Initiative Saint-Martin Active (BDAF, Crédit Mutuel, Caisse des Dépots et Consignations, the State, the Collectivité and the CCISM).

On this occasion, Initiative Saint-Martin Active gave the 2015 remarkable company award to IOTV which was one of the 100 companies selected nationally.



Quadski Caraïbe

Xavier Chabot’s idea is to manufacture an American hybrid vehicle between the quad and the amphibious jet ski which allows you to travel on land and sea in Saint-Martin and in compliance with French and European standards.

Souali Vision

Christophe Champare’s idea is to create a free application that allows you to view road traffic on the French side with the help of specific drones and HD cameras connected by a leash. Road traffic can be watched live streaming by the users of the application. This application would allow users to comment on and be alerted about road mishaps.

La Table

Alexandre Chapelin’s idea is to restore an artistic and useful life for objects or materials considered as dead. Using a unique manufacturing process, it can turn a table into a centerpiece of an interior decor, the same as with a painting, sculpture.

BAM Caraïbes

Evry Gibelin’s idea is to propose a new manufacturing process for ecological mosquito-repelling terminals in the West Indies. These terminals will improve the quality of life in terms of environmental issues and public health.

Island Media Plus Foundation

Sarah Khalfaoui’s idea is to establish an annual youth audiovisual festival for  the 16-25 year age group. Every year, short films will be oriented around a theme with the aim of raising awareness among young people.

Estelle Gasnet