French Ports Union: the Overseas Commission to meet in Saint-Martin

For four days, Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin will welcome the Overseas Ports Commission. Every year, this Commission meets in an Overseas territory. In 2016, the maritime port of Guadeloupe and the port of Saint-Martin have offered to host the event.

The Overseas Ports Commission is one of the committees of the French Ports Union (UPF), a professional association that brings together forty-four active members or operators of French ports. More specifically, it deals with issues related to the overseas territories (European policy regarding the overseas areas, state policy in these areas, etc).

Coordinated by Bernard Mazuel, Delegate General of the UPF, the delegation, which is composed of members who manage overseas ports, will switch between VIP visits and work meetings. After two days of work in Guadeloupe, it will go to Saint-Martin.

At its request, a visit of the port infrastructure on the French side will take place. A request was also sent to the authorities in Sint Maarten but they declined.



Estelle Gasnet